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Wooden toys that stimulate your imagination, wooden toys that stimulate your motor skills, wooden toys for playschool, wooden toys for a birthday. Practical for those in love with wood and to make you smile.

Momentan können wir leider keine individuellen Gravuren anbieten, da der Laden, in dem die Gravier-Maschine steht, pandemiebedingt vorübergehend seine Türen schließen musste.

Welcome, captain (m / f / d) Please turn the steering wheel!


The steering wheel looks super nice! I bought the steering wheel a year ago and I am absolutely thrilled with the quality.

Everything went perfectly. Recommendation: 100%!


The most beautiful steering wheel on the market. Very high quality processed and the total eye-catcher!

My son is thrilled, thank you!


Super quality, article as described, fully met my expectations.

Extremely stable!

Alexandra Löseke

Beautiful wand,

even if in the heat of the moment it likes to land on the head and then it hurts ?


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