The background of RONTOOL - wooden toys

Find out more about us here. Why we manufacture the rontools and what philosophy is behind it. We want to help children and adults with the rontools to play even more motor and imaginative role-playing games.

What are rontools?

Rontools are robust and lovingly designed wooden game witnesses. They are made for heroes big and small, racing drivers, adventurers, cooks, diggers, craftsmen and magical fairies. They invite to creative role play and to imitate in all possible places. For example in:

  • Children's room
  • Nursery
  • Stroller
  • Garden
  • Wood
  • Car, ... and on
  • Playgrounds or
  • Swing

Ropes, chain saws, steering wheels & Co. make the game an experience. Rontools are not to be cuddled with, but to be taken with pleasure.

Children from three years learn how to use tools in a playful way.

What's the idea behind it?

  • Knife
  • Fork
  • Scissors
  • Light ... do not belong in children's hands !!!

But the children are simply fascinated by these everyday things of adults!

The origin and also the main background of the rontools was back when I was "allowed" to watch a forest worker "making wood" for at least 2 hours with my 3-year-old son. After that he wanted his own chainsaw. The idea for the first rontool was born. A noisy plastic toy was out of the question for me . The wish was to give the children an almost real, but safe access to the tools.

As a designer, I also wanted to create elegant tools . As an industrial engineer, I wanted to build sturdy and durable wooden toys. Other people thought that was good too. So it eventually turned into a small business. Later came the adventure toys and some other fun things for the household , such as elk wardrobes and bottle openers in pipe wrench shape. The whole thing is rounded off by the only truly functioning colored magic wand with glitter.

How are rontools made?

A rontool is created for the first time as a hand sketch on a sheet of paper or a napkin. Or on a piece of birch bark. If the idea is good, it goes to the computer and the design is created in a 3D program. The first rontools were lovingly handcrafted with a jigsaw and file. We now have so much experience that we can skip this step. The shape is clearly defined on the computer and the construction (multi-part components) is developed. The next step is very technical.

The blanks are milled out on a computer-controlled milling machine (CNC technology). These blanks come to a handicapped workshop in Berlin. There they are rounded, sanded, branded and assembled with a lot of love and dedication. The surface is nicely finished. You can buy the finished products here in our shop.

What are rontools made of?

The basic material for our rontools is wood . In the special case, it is birch multiplex , so-called veneer wood panels . The panels consist of individual thin layers of wood. These are very robust due to their crosswise gluing in the direction of the fibers . The multiplex can hardly crack or splinter and is relatively insensitive to moisture or mechanical influences. It is not for nothing that similar panels are also used for concrete formwork construction. The upper surface has a beautiful wood structure, and the edges with their layered look create an exciting picture. The surface is sealed with a natural hard wax oil . Of course, the oil complies with all approvals and regulations for the manufacture of toys.

Since wood is a natural raw material , irregularities in the structure of the surface can occur. The coloring of the material can vary from time to time. The material darkens over time.

Rontools can be repaired . The children can and should really hit it with the rontools. For example with the big hammer . With such heavy use, a splinter can come off here and there. Sometimes the ax gets a little blunt when you chop wood intensively in the garden. Then take some sandpaper and a wooden file and get your tools back in shape. Then simply use an oil from the kitchen and seal the reworked surfaces.

Who is behind it?

The name rontools arises from the composition of their developer Ronny and from the English translation for the word "tools".

Ronny is a mechanical engineer, industrial designer, product developer and a big child. He turns his own and other people's ideas into products, devices, aids, machine parts and transport trolleys. You can find more about his work at

Maxi is business economist . She takes care of the processing of your orders and billing. In addition, she paints the wands with loving devotion.

We are both parents of 3 children. Anton, Roxanna and Bellatrix are the source of inspiration for many ideas. Of course, they are always the first product testers . But simple everyday things and household items are also inspiration for funny practical things that are also useful for adults. We also have a small network of lovable and absolutely competent partners. Without them, we couldn't easily pass the rontools on to you. A big thank you for our cooperation, your advice and your action:


... and of course the extremely valuable feedback from you, our customers. It is imperative to keep getting better. So write to us at any time with your suggestions, wishes and criticism ...

Thanks for your support!!!